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Draft: Cosmo Release Notes 0.6

Cosmo Release Notes

What’s new in 0.6

Event editing on shared calendars without an account
Cosmo now provides support to allow users to view and/or edit another user's calendar information without requiring a login. This feature makes use of a sharing "ticket." Currently, only chandler can create these special tickets. We are looking to provide integrated support by preview. Users who frequently collaborate with a Chandler user may eventually want to sign up for a Cosmo account to share multiple calendar collections.

Better interoperability with other calendar applications ie. iCal, Sunbird, etc.
After subscribing to a shared calendar, users can move calendar information out into their preferred calendar application or feed aggregator. The new 'Collection Details' dialog presents feed locations and information to allow users of iCal, Chandler, and Sunbird to subscribe. In addition, Users may export the calendar data as an .ics file and import them into calendar applications supporting .ics .

Display of time zones on calendar events
Support for time zones are displayed and editable on individual calendar event items.

Notification of an updated event on a shared calendar
After editing a shared calendar collection, the user may now click on a link to send e-mail from their desktop email application. Cosmo pre-populates the e-mail with event information. This notifies other users of changes to a shared calendar.

New improvements to the Administrator UI
Administrators will now be able use the Cosmo Management Protocol (CMP) to generate space usage reports on the amount of storage taken up by each user and item.

New 'Morse Code' sharing protocol and design
Morse Code [http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Projects/CosmoMorseCode] is the HTTP-based synchronization protocol for Cosmo and Chandler. The goal of the protocol is to efficiently transmit as little information as possible in as few protocol transactions as possible. The protocol is collection-oriented; collections are exposed through the protocol as HTTP resources, but items themselves are not.

Other Changes:

  • New 'Settings' dialog for users to change their account information, reset password and user's e-mail.
  • New 'Collection Details' dialog to move calendar data out and rename the calendar collection when logged into Cosmo.
  • A bookmark-able URL/ticket pointing to Cosmo
  • View read-write and read-only calendars
  • Display of 'Anytime' events

Upgrading from a previous release
If you are running version 0.4 or earlier of Cosmo, you will not be able to preserve any of your existing data. You will be able to preserve your data when upgrading from 0.5 to 0.6 and subsequent releases.

Known Issues [Follow up with Ted/Adam upon release]

See Bugzilla for the full list of bugs fixed in 0.6

Blog Announcement:

Cosmo 0.6 released!

We're please to announce our first experimentally usable release of Cosmo! Cosmo 0.6 is currently available for use at osaf.us [https://osaf.us/cosmo/] or for download [http://downloads.osafoundation.org].

What's new in Cosmo 0.6:

  • Event editing on shared calendars without an account
  • Better interoperability with other calendar applications ie. iCal, Sunbird, etc.
  • Display of time zones on calendar events
  • Notification of an updated event on a shared calendar
  • New improvement to the Administrator UI
  • New 'Morse Code' sharing protocol and design
  • Tons of bug fixes!

Find download information, installation instructions and release notes at http://cosmo.osafoundation.org.

Please keep in mind we're still working out the kinks so feel free to send us feedback! [mail to: chandler-users@osafoundation.org now] We look forward to hearing from you!! -Cosmo Team

-- PriscillaChung - 18 Jan 2007

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