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Draft for PPD Home


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Program Mgr/ Designer

Manager, Program/Product Mgr

Product Designer

PPD Design mtg. Notes
Learn more about Chandler

  • Desktop
  • Server

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  • Send us a question to Chandler Users

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  • Sign up for Chandler Hub (An online account built on Chandler Server)

Product/Program Management and Design (PPD)

The Product/Program Management and Design Team is responsible for defining the Chandler product, building the product roadmap, conducting user research, driving our open Product Design process, prioritizing and planning feature implementation and managing the release schedule for both the Chandler Desktop and Chandler Hub products.

Project and planning



Design Process and Discussion:

The design team meets regularly on Mondays at 2:30PM to discuss high-level design issues and tracking ongoing projects. Information on current projects are available in the Monday PPD Meeting Notes.

Recent design discussion

Design mailing list:

  • Sign up for our Design Mailing List
  • View design mailing list achieve
  • Have a question? Send your feedback to Chandler Users

Roles and Responsibilities:

The PPD team interacts with all the teams.

Program Management

  • Planning and strategy
  • propose tenets for each release
  • guide discussion on the design list to reach consensus
  • interact with users on the list.
  • Identify/triage features with workflows
  • Identify/triage features from dogfood feedback
  • define product features based on the vision
  • bug filing and management
  • guide developers on feature interaction (spec writing, design sessions, storyboarding)
  • documentation of product and process

Product Design

  • Interviews
  • develop persona/target users
  • develop workflow scenarios
  • facilitate design sessions
  • storyboard/design
  • style guide implementation
  • list of features needed to support workflows
  • phasing proposal for feature implementation
  • guide developers on feature interaction (spec writing, design sessions, storyboarding)
  • documentation of product and process


Previous Releases

Chandler Desktop

Chandler Server

Old Meeting and Status Notes

The design team no longer keeps these notes. Status info is kept as part of the Monday design page and notes.

Old Stuff

  • IMAPMentalModel?
  • SearchDesign? [Not started]
  • BrowserDesign? (Anatomy of collections: Information Architecture)
  • RuleBuilder? (Anatomy of collections: Information Architecture)
  • AttributeManager and the user's conception of the Content model
  • ExtensibilityDesign? [Brainstorming]
  • WebDAVHostingProject
  • ServerProductPlanning?
  • KibbleUIBasicWorkflows?
  • NotSoOutrageousQuestions? - discussion of features to drop in Canoga
  • DateTimeRequirements?
  • CalendaringStandardsQuestions?
  • KibbleTerminologyChanges?
  • PersonaProject?

-- PriscillaChung - 08 Apr 2007
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