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services, repository and dev platform 3 Jan 2006


  • Question of the week: Name an extension parcel you'd like to write, or you'd like someone else to write. Ideally the parcel would be doable either with 0.6 Chandler, or with modest refactorings/improvements to Chandler APIs.
  • 0.7 planning
  • Sprints Jan 17-20: test writing, parcel writing
  • PyCon -- time to start making plans if you are going


  • Question of the week: extension parcel ideas
    • Mortgage Maker - integrates usefully with other pim data
    • Apple iSync - mobile devices, calendar data sync
    • EVDB - query and get events
    • Jabber client
    • Bugzilla interface
    • Exchange sync - talk directly to outlook exchange
    • Backup and restore tool - back up data on collection by collection basis
    • Recipe manager - tag mechanism, web interface
    • "Parcel" parcel - ups, fedex parcel tracker. Put event on calendar, with reminder when it should arrive. Use web services to query for whether or not the package has been delivered (if you are the sender).
    • Structural tension charting (project management)
    • Address book
    • IM Presence manager (use Jabber, ICQ)
    • IRC
    • Parcel manager - keep track of what parcels are installed, uninstall parcels, etc.
    • Info services - use case: get all "Jets NFL" events on my calendar, every baypiggies meeting, create reminders, etc.
  • Some discussion about design framework for extensions
    • UI guidelines
    • Ability to segregate 3rd party parcels * noted that we could get support requests for extensions written by others if it is not clearly segregated * noted that many extensions are more useful if they are not segragated, the intertwinglyness is why someone might want to extend chandler in the first place
  • PyCon is coming up, figure out if you are going by end of week. Early registration ends 15th of January.



  • Progress
    • 0.6 finishing
    • Vacation
  • Plan
    • CSG meeting at Duke (Wed and Thurs)
    • 0.7 planning
      • developer platform tenet
      • move from "top down" plan to "bottom up" plan
    • organization for sprints for Jan 17-20

Brian K

  • Progress
    • Checked in schema change migrating schema.Byte fields to schema.Text
    • Cosmo performance log review
    • Booked Pycon Hotel (have an additional bed available for OSAF staffer and conference)
    • Received and starting building out Dell Computer for Linux / Windows dual boot

  • Plan
    • Finish off .6 documentation including i18n busy developers guide and .6 i18n proposal
    • Build out Dell computer to be Linux / Windows dual boot
    • Cosmo garbage collection tuning resulting from performance log review
    • Book PyCon flights


  • Progress
    • Finished planned schema API changes (renames, constructor refactoring, removing deprecated features)
    • Implemented --single-version-externally-managed option for setuptools installs
    • bdist_wininst roundtripping for setuptools/easy_install
    • Overhauled installation instructions for setuptools/EasyInstall, new docs for "what your users should know" about installing packages built w/setuptools
  • Plan
    • Experiment w/tinderbox failure tracking
    • Release setuptools 0.6a9
    • Support building shared libraries in setup.py (so PyICU can be distributed as an egg)
    • 0.7 pre-trip meetings


  • Progress
    • Sharing extensibility document
    • Share-testing IRC session
    • Fixed the progress meter which was hitting 100% too soon
    • Wrote up built-in webserver info
    • Started a parcels list
    • Wrote example script for importing .ics directory exported from outlook
  • Plan
    • 0.7 planning


  • Progress
    • PTO
  • Plan
    • Prepare for upcoming Calconnect interop (Jan 9-10)
    • Fix zanshin unit tests to work with latest Twisted.


  • Progress
    • Upgrade dateutil, twisted and zope to the latest versions
    • Share-testing IRC session
    • Chandler 0.6 rollout
    • Cosmo 0.2.5 release
  • Plan
    • PTO


  • Progress
    • PTO
  • Plan
    • 0.6 Cleanups
    • Kick off community projects
    • 0.7 Planning


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