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Testing to focus on for 0.12:

1. Basic Chandler sharing

  1. publish new collection
  2. subscribe to collection using different Chandler
  3. modify collection using both Chandler's and verify sync works
  4. delete collection

2. Security Hole Test

  1. Create two accounts, UserA?, UserB?.
  2. Publish collection using account userA, get ticketed url that looks like http://server/pim/collection/c111416e-c9e9-11dc-8f06-ea5fe1ed0036?ticket=hvkg531s50
  3. Using new Chandler, attempt to subscribe to collection url obtained above (minus ticket). When Chandler asks for account info, use UserB?, and verify you can't access collection with UserB?'s credentials.
  4. Login to webui as UserA? and get the dav url to the collection like http://server/dav/collection/c111416e-c9e9-11dc-8f06-ea5fe1ed0036 B. Use caldav client like Lightning to attempt to subscribe to the caldav url, using UserB?'s credentials and verify access is denied

3. Caldav sharing

  1. publish new collection using Chandler
  2. subscribe to collection using caldav client like Lightning or ical 3
  3. verify caldav client correctly inter opts (minus weird client bugs like Lightning not being able to update existing events created with Chandler)

-- RandyLetness - 23 Jan 2008

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