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Cosmo 0.6 Model Changes Tasks


  • Add namespace support to Attributes
  • Add Stamp base class, Set of Stamps to Item
  • Add NoteStamp?, EventStamp?, MessageStamp?, TaskStamp? for use with ContentItem?
  • Add CalendarCollectionStamp? for use with CollectionItem?
  • Add triageStatus, triageStatusUpdated, lastModifiedBy to ContentItem?
  • Change delete of Item to be a logical delete (set isActive=false)
  • Update all queries to check for isActive=true
  • Streamline CalendarDao?, ContentDao? (remove references to CalendarCollection?, CalendarEventItem?, etc.)
  • Migrate code to use namespace support in Attributes (use QName)
  • Migrate code to use EventStamp? instead of CalendarEventItem? (Daos, Services, Dav, HomeDir? browser, RPCService)
  • Migrate code to use CalendarCollectionStamp? instead of CalendarCollection? (Daos, Services, Dav, Homecoll browser, RPCService)
  • Implement CollectionService?.createCollection(CollectionItem?, children)
  • Implement CollectionService?.updateCollection(CollectionItem?, children)
  • Implement LockManager? for obtaining exclusive locks on collections


  • Data migration scripts/framework
  • integrate migration into snarf
  • integrate migration into DbListener?

-- RandyLetness - 20 Nov 2006

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