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Community Meeting 3 Nov 2006


  • Branding status
  • Cosmo launch debrief
  • alpha4 status
  • Mellon final report (due Dec 31, 2006)




  • Progress
    • https://bugzilla.osafoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7109 ??
  • Plan
    • In SFO


  • Progress
    • naming work see: BrandingCommitteeNaming for meeting status and agendas
    • found potential costs for international trademark may be much lower than I thought
    • finish up cosmo website for release except for Ted's one last bug (punt to 0.6?).
    • get new MacBook setup, apps installed and configured (again)
    • Started gathering final Mellon Foundation report on project status (due in Dec.) - contacted Don Waters at Mellon regarding content and format.

  • Plan
    • Naming work continues BrandingCommitteeNaming see agenda
    • Talk to trademark attorney with Judith to get better estimate for costs
    • alpha4 release punch list
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