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Community Meeting 1 Sep 2006


  • Branding status
  • PR list




  • Progress
    • 99.9% Cosmo

  • Plan
    • Branding meeting


  • Progress
    • created Branding status and schedule pages linked from the main Branding page
    • see Branding status page for progress and plans for the branding work
    • met with Caroline for validation of progress, suggestions, and to strategize for presenting work to Branding Committee
    • assumed oversight for the CLAs, backfilled missing intern CLAs for this year and had Lisa send out email for intern contributors from last year. Created internal wiki page to keep track of CLAs on file.
    • Dir. of Communications interviews

  • Plan
    • get email out to the Branding Committee on current status and plans for meeting (target Sept 19 when Ted and Katie are in office)
    • figure out a quick-view plan vs. actual schedule status format for the main Branding page
    • draft and test strawman positions statements based of the 3 association themes and 6 value group clusters (see Branding status page for details)
    • meet with Caroline the week of Sept. 11 to organize presentation of association and position work to the Branding Committee to facilitate selection of a position.
    • organize meeting of Branding Committee to select and recommend a association and position statement for presentation to the Ops group
    • Dir. of Communications interviews

-- TedLeung - 01 Sep 2006

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