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Community Meeting 27 April 2006


  • Google Summer of Code
  • Branding Exercise Review
  • Core sprint week checkin
  • OSAF/CSG technical update meeting approval? (answer is yes if reasonable effort and resources)
  • Competitive Analysis: Best way to extract "lessons learned" from gCal launch (huge problem for folks is not having a public URL to view shared calendar without requiring an account login [setting expectations]; also LOTS of requests for sync to Palm [barrier to adoption])





  • Progress
    • Wiki search tool http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/view/Main/RecentChangeSearchForm
    • Sent reminder to WAC members re. meeting, Sheila will prep slide deck and post to wiki by end of next week, suggested to Mitch he email WAC members his news update (in case they were not on his distro list)
    • What about the OSAF/CSG tech update? Do we have a go to propose this at the WAC meeting? (current target is July for a 2-day session)
    • Core Sprint Week: (status = on track)
      • Katie has posted the agenda on the wiki page and on the office calendar.
      • Met with Blue and set up catering
      • Met with LPFI, CC, Topaz to invite to game night, they are going to circulate emails and RSVP.
      • Met with C.D. and OSAF IT to make sure any security or IT requirements are covered.
      • Esther is checking with Mitch on a budget and venue for Tuesday (5/9) dinner.
    • Scooby landing page site (status = minor formatting fix and final URLs for demo; otherwise ready to go)
      • Met with Priss and Sheila and reviewed all pages.
      • Mde is looking at the landing page code to fix the FF/IE browser rendering problem.
    • Cosmo landing page site (status = still needs work on basic content)
      • Will provide list of missing/light content to Towns this week.
    • Performancing metrics for the group blog look worthwhile: http://performancing.com/metrics/wp.osafoundation.org

  • Plan
    • Finish up Cosmo landing page site work in preparation for 0.3 release.
    • Start organizing for branding exercise
      • requirements, objectives, goals for exercise
      • propose next steps

-- TedLeung - 27 Apr 2006

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