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Community Meeting 21 April 2006


  • CSG Tech Update
  • Google Summer of Code
  • Branding Exercise Review
  • Core sprint week checkin
  • Incorporating biz dev ecosystem as part of "community" scope?





  • Progress
    • Almost finished both Scooby Landing Page site and the Cosmo Landing Page site. Wrestling with formatting issues related to FF vs. IE rendering of mde's original code. 99% of Scooby content in place, 75% of Cosmo content in place. Expect to be finished by mid-next week if mde can help tweak the formatting. (starting to figure out css-style page develpemnt)
    • Started Scooby FAQ
    • Started Cosmo FAQ
    • Encouraged Todd and BCM to figure out a blog post re. Foxmarks/Cosmo roll-out.
    • Finished booking Marriott rooms for mde, bear and Robin.
    • Got final confirmation on room and time for WAC meeting, send out meeting announcement.
    • Figured out how to make a wiki table that lists recently changed (past 2 weeks) wiki pages that I have contributed to, to help me find stuff that I'm currently working on < PieterHartsookRecentlyChangedPages > The results are put into a table in reverse chronological order by web, but you can resort the table by clicking on the column headers. I may try to figure out how to create a search form that will allow others to enter their wikiname to get their own results. This may be useful when completing progress reports.
    • Added, after consultation with IT, Performancing metrics to the group blog: http://performancing.com/metrics/wp.osafoundation.org
    • PTO 1/2 day on Friday, 4/21/2006
  • Plan
    • Work with mde to complete formatting work on cosmo and scooby sites.
    • Work with bcm and towns to finish cosmo content
    • Work with towns and bcm to populate the Cosmo FAQ
    • Work with Sheila/Priss to polish scooby content
    • Stand by to update demo and site links when the launch goes live (add link-back URL's to referenced wiki pages)
    • Meet with Blue and C.D. to organize the catering for Core Sprint Week.
    • Meet with Esther, Greg, Creative Commons, and Topaz to organize for the social night.

-- TedLeung - 21 Apr 2006

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