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Community Meeting 7 April 2006


  • First Meeting


  • Should we do one last Technical Update for CSG?
  • Need to be proactive about Core Sprint Week Agenda
  • Will get Pieter involved in the PortalProject



  • Progress
  • Plan
    • Coordinate with Pieter on CommunityHome changes
    • Beef up plan for PortalProject
    • get back to work on new Committer Process
    • get started on / revive project to figure out how to incorporate new people (OSU, Google Summer of Code, etc)


  • Progress
    • More development work on the Scooby and Cosmo landing page sites in preparation for the Scooby 0.1 and Cosmo 0.3 bundle launch.
      • http://www.osafoundation.org/scooby-staging/
      • http://www.osafoundation.org/cosmo-staging/
    • Working on event planning for the Core Sprint Week CoreSprintWeekSpring2006
  • Plan
    • Testing of the demo of Scooby process and tweak any UI needs like adding Terms-Of-Service statements at appropriate places, and finish basic content of site pages.

-- TedLeung - 07 Apr 2006

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