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SyncServices Parcel

The goal of this parcel is to synchronize Chandler events & calendars with Apple Sync Services in Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

For more details, and some development notes, see the project’s README (plain text).

Useful Links

  • Source Code (in Grant’s svn sandbox)
  • CosmicSynk - BobbyRullo's ISync conduit for cosmo/scooby.
  • PyObjC Home Page
  • Apple SyncServices? Developer’s Guide
  • The Sync State Machine

To Do

  • Implement and test pushing changes to iSync.
  • Document how to install PyObjC into Chandler.
  • Turn this project into a setuptools-style plugin (see PJE’s how-to email).
  • Device syncing (i.e. whatever magic is required to register Chandler to sync when you connect your BlueTooth phone, for example).


  • December 2004: Created a rudimentary prototype

-- GrantBaillie - 13 Apr 2006

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