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Internship Project Details - Chandler Data Collection and Workflow Analysis

  • Ashkan Soltani: PPD Team Summer Intern
  • Mimi Yin: Mentor
  • John Anderson: Developer Guide

The internship will consist of implementing a user behavior tracking component into Chandler. This will involve of creating hooks in the application to record user behavior data and upload it to OSAF for analysis (with the potential to have users preview or opt out of submitting their behavioral information). Implementation of the behavior tracking component will occur with the help of a dedicated OSAF development resource. No more than 1/3rd of the Internship project time should be spent on the implementation component

In conjunction to implementation of the tracking module, I will be working with Mimi and the design team to identify the set of questions about user behavior we'd like to research. This will likely consist of understanding the existing design considerations/goals initially, understanding the tracking/reporting capabilities available within Chandler, then coming up with a methodology for reporting/presenting these behavioral findings using the chandler behavior hooks outlined above.

Examples areas of interest:

Context Switching: An attempt to understand how users interact with Chandler's various modes. I.E How many times does a user switch 'contexts/collections'. How many times does a user switch between tasks (email/calender/etc)

Triage Interactions: We would like to understand how users manage their tasks/items in Chanlder. I.E. How many times does an item go through the triage cycle (How many times is an item deferred?). We would like to plot this information on a graph depicting the frequency an item has been triaged. (X-axis: Number of times the item has been triaged. Y-axis: Number of items).

Network Connection Analysis: Try to understand the ways in which people communicate/collaborate using Chandler. This may consist of analyzing mail correspondence patterns as well as the share tool habits in an attempt to identify 'patterns' of connections. (I.E 80% of your shared activity is directed towards 20% of your address book, etc).

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