Chandler on Gentoo Build Notes

WARNING: The ebuild for Gentoo is under development - stay tuned, and be careful about following these instructions as they are in flux. Current efforts are focused on getting a chandler-1.0.2.ebuild working well.

Building Chandler on Gentoo is relatively straightforward, as the build process is largely self-contained. You can build by hand or via ebuilds, examples of which are attached to this document (one for 0.5.02 build, and another for a live subversion build).


The primary prerequisites are:

  • GCC >=3.4.2
  • GTK+-2 (the forked version of wxpython needs GTK+-2)
  • sun-jdk 6 or 7 (to build JCC and the PyLucene? component)

Run gcc-config -l. If the selected version is not 3.4.2 or above, you will need to change to a later version during the build. Find the number corresponding to a >3.4.2 build and type gcc-config NUMBER. You can switch back when you are done.

Emerge Dependency Tree

When you emerge chandler (no the ebuild is not yet available, nor functional), it will automatically pull in the following dependency tree (you don't have to emerge these, they will be included automagically):

  • app-office/chandler Gentoo Bug #77914
    • dev-python/chandlerdb Gentoo Bug #not yet (from the internal directory) Note: In it's current format, chandlerdb requires pylucene 2.3.* - Unless a patch is included in chandlerdb it doesn't support changes in jcc wrt Arrays (esp the new JArray) so I back peddled and made pylucene 2.3.2
      • dev-libs/chandlerdb-lib Gentoo Bug #not yet (This is a "forked" version of sys-libs/db. The two OSAF patches applied are: Bug#11547 and DB_DBT_USERCOPY)
      • dev-python/pylucene Gentoo Bug #81416
        • dev-python/pylucene-jcc Gentoo Bug #258896
          • dev-python/setuptools (Patch.43 needed Gentoo Bug #259591 )
        • dev-java/lucene
        • dev-java/lucene-analyzers Gentoo Bug #258908
        • dev-java/lucene-snowball Gentoo Bug #258907
        • dev-java/lucene-highlighter Gentoo Bug #258902
        • dev-java/lucene-regex Gentoo Bug #258906
        • dev-java/lucene-queries Gentoo Bug #258905
        • dev-java/lucene-instantiated Gentoo Bug #258903
        • dev-java/ant-core
        • dev-java/ant-python Gentoo Bug #259312
        • >=virtual/jdk-1.4 (sun-jdk recommended, others are untested)
        • >=virtual/jre-1.4 (sun-jdk provides the jre as well)
      • dev-python/pyicu Gentoo Bug #237888 (dep of: chandlerdb parsedatetime and chandler)
        • dev-libs/icu
    • dev-python/wxpython (note: currently chandler uses a somewhat forked wxpython, which needs to be upstreamed)
      • >=x11-libs/gtk+-2
      • others?
    • dev-python/pyicu Gentoo Bug #237888 (dep of: chandlerdb parsedatetime and chandler)
      • dev-libs/icu
    • dev-python/vobject
      • dev-python/python-dateutil
    • dev-python/python-dateutil
    • dev-python/m2crypto
      • dev-lang/swig
    • dev-python/zanshin Gentoo Bug #258901
      • dev-python/twisted-web
        • dev-python/twisted
          • net-zope/zopeinterface
    • dev-python/twisted-web (Both a dep of Chandler and of zanshin)
      • dev-python/twisted
        • net-zope/zopeinterface
    • dev-python/eggtranslations Gentoo Bug #258897
      • dev-python/configobj
    • dev-python/configobj
    • dev-python/parsedatetime Gentoo Bug #258898
      • dev-python/pyicu Gentoo Bug #237888 (dep of: chandlerdb parsedatetime and chandler)
        • dev-libs/icu
    • >=dev-python/epydoc-3 (only if the doc useflag is enabled - lots of other packages above need this with doc useflag)
      • dev-python/docutils
    • dev-python/pylint (only if the test useflag is enabled)
      • dev-python/logilab-common
      • dev-python/astng

Note that the version numbers of pylucene and lucene are tied together. eg: pylucene-2.4 will need lucene-2.4. Also Note that dependencies in system were not included here (things like python...) as they are included on all gentoo boxes, so no worries there.

app-office/chandler vs app-office/chandler-dev

folder app-office/chandler app-office/chandler-dev src
application x   x
Chandler.egg-info x   x
distrib     x
i18n x   x
parcels x   x
projects     x
plugins   x  
samples   x x
release - - -
tools   x x
util   x x
chandler x   - x   x
LICENSE.txt x   x
logging.conf.sample   x x
Makefile     x
NOTICE.txt ? x x
README.linux.txt x    
README.txt     x     x     x x   x
WingLinuxDebug.wpr   x x
WingLinuxRelease.wpr   x x
WingMacDebug.wpr   x x
WingMacRelease.wpr   x x
WingWindowsDebug.wpr   x x
WingWindowsRelease.wpr   x x

Building by hand

See the GettingChandler page for more information about how to obtain a tarball of the source. Any type of source should work, including a release tarball, a snapshot tarball, or a subversion checkout. Once the source is obtained, see the BuildingChandlerDesktop? page for source build instructions.

Building via ebuilds

WARNING: This section is deprecated!

Download the appropriate ebuild and place it into your PORTAGE_OVERLAY directory (as specified in your /etc/make.conf, or go research how to configure that). The ebuilds should end up in a location like /usr/local/portage/app-office/chandler/chandler-0.5.02.ebuild.

After this is done, run cd /usr/local/portage/app-office/chandler && ebuild chandler-0.5.02.ebuild digest to create the necessary support files.

Once the ebuild is registered, simply use emerge chandler (or emerge chandler-svn) as root and the build process will proceed. An executable startup script will be placed in /usr/bin/chandler.

The ebuild files are available here:

  • chandler-0.5.02.ebuild: Lightly-tested ebuild to build Chandler 0.5.02
  • chandler-cvs-0.01.ebuild: Lightly-tested ebuild to build Chandler from OSAF CVS HEAD; DEPRECATED - USE SVN EBUILD INSTEAD
  • chandler-svn-0.01.ebuild: Lightly-tested ebuild to build Chandler from OSAF SVN trunk
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